Manna In The Desert

About us

Welcome to our Website! We are very happy that you have taken time to visit us! Please take your time to get to know us and we would love to get to know you too. May the God bless you and keep you!

Our passionate desire is to seek to glorify our sovereign, beautiful God by reaching out with the life-changing love of God.

MID Ministry dedicated to giving children a hopeful future. MID Ministry feeds, shelters, clothes, educates and provides medical care to children in Jaipur, India.

Our Purpose...

To give orphans hope and a future.

Our Mission...

That every orphan will know that God loves them and cares for their needs.

We work to:

  • Provide quality nutrition, clean places to live, and adequate medical care for orphans.
  • Equip orphans with an education and life skills.
  • Raise a generation of orphans prepared to be significant contributors to their society.

Our Passion...

Establishing and maintaining systems that ensure orphans will receive the best possible care and donors will feel confident about the use of their gifts.

Calling people to action in order to raise the standard of care for orphans; Mobilizing a broad network of individuals, churches and businesses to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of orphans.

In all that we do, MID Ministry strives for excellence in obedience to God's Word.